Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The reality of Mozilla

Finally, Mozilla supports document.all. Script language supports to be
simple and easy to use. The document.getElementById is meaningful, but
academic. Mozilla should support document.all in the very beginning.
People treat W3C is standard, but W3C doesn't provide good solution in
some spec. I know IE lacks a lot of modern features and holding web
designer to do simple innovative design. And, I also can't understand
why some sites only code for IE, even government related sites.

I would be happy if Mozilla suite can read winmail.dat.

Anyway, I just try to be reality.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Surfin' Safari

I have HTML editor for both IE and Netscape and am waiting Safari to come to this game.
To make more compliated feature, like adding table, image, I relly DOM to construct the page. IE has a lot of proprietary method. It works, but I still prefer DOM standard.
The one big pain in IE is double line spaces for a enter key. This is very stupid thing - a P tag is inserted when enter key is hit whithout DIV tag nearby. I hop Safari not copying this behavior.

So far, I only use Safari 1.0 -- speedy, but bugs in JS and poor accessibility.
I don't have really chance to look at 1.2, but I really hope Apple can allow old OSX to upgrade to latest Safari.