Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Charging Batteries without Wires

New MIT research reveals a way to send wireless energy to mobile phones and laptops.

In page 2,
Using the electric field would pose a health risk, and would be better employed in applications in which people aren't nearby, he says. Conversely, using the magnetic field would be much safer and could be implemented just as easily. "I can't think of any reason to worry [about health concerns]," he says, "but people will."

As technology improvement, everything are getting handy, but doesn't mean people are getting healthy. Got to make some search how electric field and magnetic field affect to people health.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Looking at a more completed cvs plugin for jEdit.
Should be as polish as eclipse.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Motor Trend

The new Motor Trend web site is much better than before. It's more like an enterprise now. Previously, the page was design for small screen and had no enough space for padding.

Friday, November 03, 2006


I tried to control BUTTON size with relative size, like

BUTTON {display:block; text-align:center; width:2em; height:1.5em; padding:0;}

However, Safari give me a bigger size.
So, I tried to size down from javascript.

if (window.console) { //safari
document.writeln("<style type="'text/css'">");
document.writeln(".ccActions BUTTON {width:1.5em; height:1em;margin-bottom:2px;}");


Unfortunately, my Firefox 2 understood window.console. I
was surprised, but I didn't see it in the mozilla DOM reference.

But, I didn't have this problem in my new laptop's FF2. So, I looked at my extension. I disabled Firebug, then I found my script was good again.

So to be safe, I change my Safari condition as
if (window.console && window.console.log) //safari

Another Notes :
When I tried
if (window.console && window.console.log()) //safari
Safari crashed. Despite Safari is rarely crashed, but I still don't like.

Resume my blog

Previously, I found blogger only kept my one year blog. I was upset and stop to post.

Now, I see my early post shown again. It's time to resume.