Monday, December 15, 2008

Insurance Scam

Another number I got was (304) 369 0968.

Many people complaint to it :

When I do phone number reversed look up. 3 records found :

Found 3 Results for (304) 369-0968 in WV
Residential Listing
Residential Listing
Jeffrey, WV 25114
(304) 369-0968

Residential Listing
Residential Listing
Address Unlisted
Madison, WV 25130
(304) 369-0968

Residential Listing
Residential Listing
Address Unlisted
Jeffrey, WV 25114
(304) 369-0968

My guess this is cell phone number and those 3 people were prior owned this number.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

WinMerge - copy particular line

WinMerge is a great tool to compare.

There is still one feature I am still looking for.
In a block (multiple lines) of difference, I only want to merge a particular line.

Right now, I need to do three clicks
a. Select Line Difference
b. "Copy" it.
b. Go the other side, then "Paste".

I wish it can be done in one click.
I have latest WinMerge ( I don't find this kind of feature. Not sure any kind of plugins can do that.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Photo Scam

When I picked up my phone, I heard "This is the second warning .....".

I really hate the phone scam. A lot of people get that, too.

Does people really need to do business like that? Got to stop that.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Use style sheet to control SELECT box height

I try to make a SELECT and DIV side by side with outline (style by border) in the same height; unfortunately, IE6 has always few pixels short.

I play it more. This situation only happens on heavy styling -- font is problem.
So, I try to set my SELECT with fixed size font (font-family:monospace,Courier,Courier New;), then both SELECT and DIV are in the same height.

<title>Control SELECT height</title>
BODY, TABLE, TD, TH, P, OL, LI, INPUT, SELECT, BUTTON {font-family: Verdana, sans-serif; color:#343434}


<TABLE width="100%" border="0" cellpading="0" cellspacing="0">
<TR valign="top">
<TD width="50%">
Avialable List <BR>
<SELECT SIZE="7" NAME="available" id="available" STYLE="width:100%; height:96px;">
<TD style="padding-left:1em">
<DIV NAME="detailPanel" id="detailPanel" STYLE="width:100%; height:96px; border:1px solid blue">

<TABLE width="100%" border="0" cellpading="0" cellspacing="0">
<TR valign="top">
<TD width="50%">
Avialable List <BR>
<SELECT SIZE="7" NAME="available" id="available" STYLE="width:100%; height:96px; font-size:12px; font-family: monospace,Courier,Courier New;">
<TD style="padding-left:1em">
<DIV NAME="detailPanel" id="detailPanel" STYLE="width:100%; height:96px; border:1px solid blue">


You can only see the result correctly in web, not open from file system.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Use text-algin:right for table

Try the following code to align inner table (print) to right.

<TABLE width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="1">
<TD style="text-align:right">

In IE, that is straight forward -- I got "Print" to the right side. But, not Firefox.
According to "The text-align property affects, by CSS specifications, the alignment of text lines inside the element. The inner table is a block element, so it is not affected.", that is make sense to me. However, it just give my style sheet more complication.

Friday, September 26, 2008

IE 8 beta 2

Just installed IE 8 beta 2. Before I installed it, I need to go through a whole bunches of windows update -- they were incredible huge.

The most obvious change I noticed is tabs. Better interface is always plus.

The long time most inconvenience feature in IE is open new URL by hitting "Ctrl+l".
In Firefox and Safari, the window focus move to address bar once "Ctrl+l" hit.
However, IE 8 still comes out a small pop up.
The problems are :
1) It covers up some page content.
2) This pop up can be fake by malicious site.
3) It has very short text field.
4) Unfortunately, when new page open, the url don't show in the address bar. Well, it's beta.

IE 8 is going to have another beta and not going to release this year.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Headache on IE settings

I put a log in to the front page (http), but I put log in to a iframe (https) to make sure user always use https to log in and has less chance to be hacked.
But, I got "allow sub-frames to navigation across different domains".
I have main window and iframe all in the same domain, but just http and https difference. Why IE send up this warning by the default? It's getting annoying.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I heard all good things about NetBeans, but I don't good story so far.

My first complaint is the output window font is very ugly.

I don't know why NetBeans people can't fix 43165.

Monday, July 28, 2008

onmouseout and onmouseleave

onmouseleave is only for IE, but is helpful to suppress the event from the children nodes.

Some introduction in

Actually, I am looking how to have cascading menu disappear when mouse out.
I hope this example is going to help. Got to try it later on.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


CNet report :
Google's Wikipedia rival, Knol, goes public

Just created an article and saved, but I did not see where was it.
Click My Knols, but always go to search page. Not quit good experience.

Monday, July 21, 2008

button size

Try to fine tune button size.

IE has long button bug, to work it out try this solution.

FF also has a problem, which can not make it smaller (can't remove padding).
According to,
3px padding left and right, and 1px padding top and bottom appears to be added even when zero padding is applied. Looking at bugzilla, I found Bug 140562 – button control with 0px padding still displays a frame around its contents. Hope it will be fixed in the 3.1 release.

Friday, July 18, 2008

File upload statistics

The syntax should like

<input type="file"

Also, file object should have "progress" properties, which show what is uploading percentage. So, javascript function can read that.

For the UI, once the file is starting to upload, INPUT file area show progressInitColor as background color and progressFilledColor flooding in base on uploading percentage. Also, the upload percentage number show next to file name.

This is what I think.

I saw some of ajax implementations show the file upload status bar. They are all by stage, not really progressive. As browser security, server don't know the file size until fully upload, so there is no way to use ajax to create real progress bar.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Notepad++ - replace a pattern with line break then sort line in the order

There are something new in the Notepad++ 5.0.

I can replace a pattern with line break.
Let's say I have
I enter CTL+F to open Find, then switch to Replace.
In Find What, I enter " " and Replace With \n, then I need to check Search Mode > Extended (\n, \r ...). Then hit "Replace All" button.
I got
I just delete two quotes simply.
Then in the menu > TextFX > Text FX Tools > Sort Line ...

That's all.
Notepad++ is getting better and better,

Monday, July 14, 2008



  1. PHP is easy to develop and deploy.

  2. Java is programming language, but PHP is only presentation layer for web.

    1. Some feature PHP can't do that.
    2. Java is sophisticated. Java has more libraries.
    3. Java can do thing more organized. People is arguing PHP code is messy.
    4. Ideally, we would like to some layer in the application for better developer collaboration, like presentation layer, logic layer, database layer.

  3. PHP is still evolving and some fundamental structure is not well planned. New version of PHP add some lack features. However, when update to new version PHP, backward compatible is big issue.

  4. More vendors support java. More enterprise certify java. More community force for java.

  5. PHP use oci to connect database. OCI is considering faster than thin drive, but more depend on system environment. Oracle suggest to use thin driver as server-side internal driver.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Notepad++ - Replace a Pattern with Line Break

I can replace a pattern with line break much easy with latest jEdit; however, I found notepad++ is more lightweight and powerful. So, I intend to use notepad++.

Notepad++ has so many options, configurations and tools. I intend to it can do many jobs.
However, it takes me a while for how to replace a pattern with line break. The tricky part is how to put line break into "Replace with". I tried "\n", but not translate to line break. Also, tried "crtl+enter" key. Still no.

After, I look at, then it give me some hint.

I need to turn on "End of Line" in the "View" menu, then I copy "LF" into "Replace With".
Then a pattern can be replaced with real line break.

My next goal is to replace HomeSite with Notepad++.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Acid 3 test

Opera 9.5 is 83.
Safari 3 is 72.
Firefox 3 is 71.

However, I still feel Opera rendering engine is very buggy and worst than IE 6.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Enable designMode, but cause IE double line break when pressing "Enter"

IE is sometime very innovation, but at one point you need to cry for bugging design.
IE came up first HTML editor (WYSIWYG) back to 5.x.

Eventually, Firefox (Mozilla) catch up this feature. And, it's in HTML 5 spec.
When you look at the Mozilla midas definition is very simple, but when you look at MSDN document that is very complicated and bloated. Mozilla implement most basic parts from IE and work perfect.
As security reason, the copy and paste are not scriptable in FF.

The line break is annoying in IE. Most of times, user experience double line break which is not user expected. To avoid double spaces, must use DIV tag as hint. If current cursor position's parent node is not DIV, then double line spaces which from P tag. This is part of developer know how.

Another interesting part is when you apply indentation (Indent), you can find out IE has DIV inside of BLOCKQUOTE. Obviously, the IE folks are trying to avoid double line break.

One time, I did handle key event to force all ENTER key BR tag. Unfortunately, it caused alignment problem. In IE, the alignment is applied to DIV, P, BLOCKQUOTE tag, but not between BR tags.

I am sure many peoples are fighting this issue. Despite, we can use SHIFT+ENTER to force as single line break, but who are going to know that.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Firefox 3 beta 5

Yesterday, I were happy with new Firefox 3 beta -- no crash in the yahoo new mail.

But in today, I still got one crash.

For the Firefox 3 beta, I have noticed the table spacing (or padding) is little bit different, but I haven't look at the detail.
Generally, Firefox 3 beta is very good. I will will be nice if it don't crash Yahoo mail.

Monday, March 10, 2008

HTML5 postMessage()

postMessage() is allow javascript to communicate cross domain. This is very interest feature. There is a simple demo in

With this feature, single sign on and web service can be done in the client. Hopefully, this feature is not going to open new chapter of security issue.

Use CSS to create vertical Text

IE got more simple solution by setting style attribute "writing mode".

.vt {
writing-mode: tb-rl;
filter: flipv fliph;

<div class="vt">Vertical Text</div>

For the rest of browsers, need to use SVG.

<embed class="svgex" src="vertical_text.svg" type="image/svg+xml" frameborder="no" width="30" height="90" />

For svg,

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" "">
<svg version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="">
<script type="text/javascript">
//this will create htmljavascriptfunctionname in html document and link it to changeText
top.htmljavascriptfunctionname = changeText;
function changeText(txt){
var newText = document.createTextNode(txt);
// ]]>
<text id="thetext" transform="rotate(270, 90, 0)" font-size="12" x="3" y="-60" font-family="Verdana">Vertical Text</text>

The svg code is modified from
I just make it work, but I think the width/height will change base on content.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Firefox 3 beta 3

I am very impressed Firefox 3 beta speedy. Right now, I feel it fly like Safari 3.

One thing I don't really like it is "Location bar & auto-complete" because the search result is too wide. And, it really change user experience. For example, I type "d", Firefox 2 shows the first item on the list is "digg .com", but not Firefox 3. I prefer auto-complete to work on url search only.

I also try to see how good its memory management, so I let it run a day and back to my start up page, default google search page. Windows Task Manager show 90 MB. The first start up page is 26 MB only. Looks like there is still big gap to improve in the memory management.

Generally, I give thumb up for it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy 2008

I got Happy 2008 signature from somewhere. I try to apply style sheet to close all gaps.
Almost perfect, but still can not align Y.
Happy 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Spray form validation demo

Today, I am looking Eclipse plugin and find a interested javascript editor, JSEclipse.

I am also browsing around Adobe Labs to see other helpful resources.
I always doubt how to design AJAX framework. So I check Spray and get some concept of how to design some APIs. I look at form validation demo and its source codes. The AJAX validation is registered at the end of page, which make the code very portable. But I have different view of those attributes related validation, like minChars:20, maxChars:180 in the textarea. I believe it's better put those attributes into TEXTAREA object for easy maintenance.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Looking for a plugin in Eclipse to export Structure Compare report

In the CVS repository Exploring, I can compare by day and the result come out a tree list. I only get "Expand All" in the context menu. Can any plugins export the tree list to a report?

I have two kind of sources (english and chinese in html files). English is developing mainly and I would like to synchronize chinese files immediately and need a way to verify sources. If you have any idea, please advice. Thanks in advance.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Spaces not displayed when adding Options to Select box

With Option object, you can add multiple spaces to IE, but Firefox.

To work around it, see my sample code.

<FORM name="myForm">
Location (building room) <SELECT name="loc" style="font-family:monospace,Courier,Courier New;font-size:12px"></SELECT>

[SCRIPT language="JavaScript"]
function addOption(obj, text, value) {
value += ""; //in case of number
if (!document.all) { //Firefox
text = text.replace(/\s/g, "\xA0");
var newOption = new Option(text,value);
obj.options[obj.options.length] = newOption;

return newOption;

addOption(document.myForm.loc, "Please select location" , 0);
addOption(document.myForm.loc, " City Hall          A101" , 1);
addOption(document.myForm.loc, " Governor Hall      1" , 2);
addOption(document.myForm.loc, " Constitution Hall  1" , 3);
addOption(document.myForm.loc, " State Hall         1" , 4);

Friday, January 25, 2008

Firefox innerHTML is not synchronized with DOM

Here is solution.

I remember I have this problem before. Today, I meet this problem again.