Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Eclipse features

I am getting frustrated on Eclipse. I have very a large of code base. One time, I may open more than ten files.

1, I may put some debugging code in the java files, like System.out.println(). But, when I finish, I may forget where do I put the debugging code. Therefore, I need to search all open files -- tons of files. I can't just search workspace, some of debugging codes are for testing. Now, I am missing my favor java editor, jEdit. It allow me to search all opening files.

2, When I open java and html files, but it's getting hard to manage them. Eclipse should have view of all open files. Or to have better way to group different file extensions. Right now, it is hard to look up other files.

3, Another my favor feature in jEdit is tab/space character indicator. My code base is huge and a lot of legacy issue. I need to use space for indentation, but I want to know any tab characters in the files.