Friday, June 20, 2008

Notepad++ - Replace a Pattern with Line Break

I can replace a pattern with line break much easy with latest jEdit; however, I found notepad++ is more lightweight and powerful. So, I intend to use notepad++.

Notepad++ has so many options, configurations and tools. I intend to it can do many jobs.
However, it takes me a while for how to replace a pattern with line break. The tricky part is how to put line break into "Replace with". I tried "\n", but not translate to line break. Also, tried "crtl+enter" key. Still no.

After, I look at, then it give me some hint.

I need to turn on "End of Line" in the "View" menu, then I copy "LF" into "Replace With".
Then a pattern can be replaced with real line break.

My next goal is to replace HomeSite with Notepad++.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Acid 3 test

Opera 9.5 is 83.
Safari 3 is 72.
Firefox 3 is 71.

However, I still feel Opera rendering engine is very buggy and worst than IE 6.