Tuesday, July 10, 2007

MSN virtaul Earth

It's interested three major internet services(Google, Yahoo, MSN) competing each other. Microsoft is the one like to chase Google.

Google got the 3D Map for a while. I were fascinated that we can fly around the around and see trees, rivers, houses. The satellite map is really helpful to visualize the distance from the top and give me more solid idea from point to point and turn to turn because I can always reference the building, landmark. I trace through train rail line, my bike route, and optimize the local route.

At sometime, MSN came out satellite map, too. Unfortunately, the map was so old. I didn't see my house and the community I living and that's black white. I were wondering that picture was taken back to '80s. Despite the recent MSN claim whatever they have and improvement, I still see the same old map.

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