Friday, September 28, 2007


<LEGEND><h2>build your pizza</h2></LEGEND>
<LABEL><H3>select your toppings</H3>
<SELECT name= "toppings" multiple>
<LABEL><H3> pick a crust:</H3>
<INPUT type= "radio" name= "crust" value= "deep dish" checked> deep-dish<BR>
<INPUT type= "radio" name= "crust" value= "whole wheat"> whole wheat</LABEL>

In the above sample layout, I can see the header H2 in the Fieldset outline correctly only in IE, but Firefox.

This gives me some trouble. I would like to use FIELDSET for better layout. Also, I would like to use H2 for better accessibility -- screen reader (JAWS) can separate different section of content. Unfortunately, it doesn't look great in Firxfox. Sine I have urgent of accessibility. I need to drop FIELDSET/LEGEND.

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