Monday, July 14, 2008



  1. PHP is easy to develop and deploy.

  2. Java is programming language, but PHP is only presentation layer for web.

    1. Some feature PHP can't do that.
    2. Java is sophisticated. Java has more libraries.
    3. Java can do thing more organized. People is arguing PHP code is messy.
    4. Ideally, we would like to some layer in the application for better developer collaboration, like presentation layer, logic layer, database layer.

  3. PHP is still evolving and some fundamental structure is not well planned. New version of PHP add some lack features. However, when update to new version PHP, backward compatible is big issue.

  4. More vendors support java. More enterprise certify java. More community force for java.

  5. PHP use oci to connect database. OCI is considering faster than thin drive, but more depend on system environment. Oracle suggest to use thin driver as server-side internal driver.

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