Friday, September 26, 2008

IE 8 beta 2

Just installed IE 8 beta 2. Before I installed it, I need to go through a whole bunches of windows update -- they were incredible huge.

The most obvious change I noticed is tabs. Better interface is always plus.

The long time most inconvenience feature in IE is open new URL by hitting "Ctrl+l".
In Firefox and Safari, the window focus move to address bar once "Ctrl+l" hit.
However, IE 8 still comes out a small pop up.
The problems are :
1) It covers up some page content.
2) This pop up can be fake by malicious site.
3) It has very short text field.
4) Unfortunately, when new page open, the url don't show in the address bar. Well, it's beta.

IE 8 is going to have another beta and not going to release this year.

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