Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Thunderbird disappointed.

I just installed thunderbird, then imported mail from NS 7.2.
I could see some folders and mails.
Unfortunately, when I opened it again, I only saw few folders, no mail.
I uninstalled it and reinstalled it again, but I just couldn't see the
import tool again.

I searched web. There were few sites telling people how to configure
profile manually.
It just got me crazy. Back to NS 7.2 again. Sigh! Well, At least, I
still can receive Netscape web mail.

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Alex said...

I played around a little bit. I deleted thunderbird profile and reinstall it. I imported Netscape 7.2 mail again, but all mails were still corrupted and no filter were imported. This time I copied all folders and files under netscape 7.2 profile into thunderbird profile. Now, it works. I see all mails and all filtes work.